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  • Raberia

    The forest of Raberia lies due south of Malignor. [[File:492835 | class=media-item-align-center | dandelions_spring_apple-trees_flowering_glade_hd-wallpaper-53844_1_.jpg]]

  • Nekesti

    Nekesti is the north-western edge of the continent, known as the Beastlands because of its [[beastmen | savage, furred, horned and hooved humanoid occupants]]. ("Inspirational Image Gallery":https://www.pinterest.com/elstiko/nekesti/)

  • Malignor

    Home to the slave market, bordered on the west by [[Nekesti]], stretching from [[The Midnight Pillar | the Midnight Pillar]] on the northern coast to the market itself, on the northernmost edge of [[Raberia | Raberia]].

  • Morbidia

    Morbidia. Magically forbidden to most of the outside world, but Ludwigron is convinced it exists, and he knows just where it is.

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